martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Emma Stone in ASOS Magazine

Wonder Woman Emma Stone up  graces the September 2010 issue of ASOS Magazine with guaranteed curve-enhancing outfits.
Stone, 21, has an upcoming comedic film, Easy A, will be out on Friday, September 17.
Here’s what the Emma Stone has to share:

On her high standards: “There is an immense amount of pressure, which doesn’t come from anybody but myself. But if you don’t make peace with the not knowing, then you will be miserable.”
On being “different”: “They’ve (my parents) always understood that I’m a bit of an odd bird.”
On the Big Apple: “What do I love about New York? What don’t I love?! It’s a true cultural hub, people from every place on earth have gathered here. You walk to different parts of the city and you feel you’re walking into a different world. Coming from Arizona, where it’s golf courses and spas, it’s interesting to watch such a vibrant, real city.”
photo source: Just Jared

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