viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Susan Boyle Cried after being Snubbed by Lou Reed

Dreaming to belt it out a Lou Reed song for American viewers, Susan Boyle ended up sobbing.
Reportedly, the unexpected chart-topper's plans to perform Reed's "Perfect Day" on "America's Got Talent" together with a children's choir were halted at the last minute this week after the former Velvet Underground member did not permit Boyle to use his 1972 SONG.
A source said to New York Post, "Lou didn't want Susan to perform his song, and he's not a Susan fan,"
"It's a big deal to change a song at the last minute. Susan was really upset. She was in tears and was forced to pull out of the show, and decided to come back to the UK."
Boyle, won a second place on the British version of the show. According to reports, whe was vey upset about the decision.
There were also reports from a source that at  Los Angeles airport, Boyle was "sobbing her heart out."

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