viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

Kristen Bell admits she can't dance

Talented as she is, but Kristen Bell can't heat the dance floor.
Bell gets to show off her moves for new movie You Again, only to discover she’sreally not a dancer.
“I grew up in a Jewish community so I got to bust a groove at a lot of weddings and bar mitzvahs,” explains Kristen.
“I had all these moves that I thought were the bomb then I go and do them for this movie and the director says, ‘That’s great. You look ridiculous. Keep doing that. It’s hilarious.’ I thought, ‘Great. I thought it looked good!’.”
Bell admitted she was a cross between “popular and nerdy” during her high-school days.
“I think I was somewhere in between popular and nerdy,” she said. “I went to a very small school where the consequences of bullying were a lot more dramatic than they were at a big school. You couldn’t just walk down the hall and shove a nameless face because we all knew each other’s families. There wasn’t a stereotypical bully.
“But in high school, I was just very insecure because I was always so concerned that everybody liked me so I was just very sweet, a little meeker than I am now, but I was really just so hopeful that I wouldn’t fight with anybody.”

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